Friday, May 10, 2013

some art...

Now for some of the art side.  This is the view from the #1 tee box at the Enumclaw golf course.  I have since made some modifications so you may have to see it again.  It's about 20x30".  We were there one sunny morning about 6:45AM and the view was like magic.  Can't say the same for my golf.  That's why we go so early.  Bad golfers (me) slow down the golfers behind them.  Didn't matter that day.  I was thrilled that this captured what we saw.
Today started with assembling of a crazy cake I'm attempting.  Once Ross falls out of bed we're going to attack the course again, then a visit to a new gallery in town that opens tomorrow followed by time in the garden...again.  It's endless.  That said, it is really quite beautiful this time of year.  Once Ross has time to edge I'll start posting images.

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