Monday, May 27, 2013

An Excuse for Art

Believe it or not, I have been IN the garden.  Yesterday was rain, break, rain, break, RAIN, no break.  We just trudged on.  I must admit, some of it was selfish on my part.  My husband was home and I really wanted to take advantage of his help.  He ran the chipper shredder while I hoed, weeded, trimmed and cleaned the ponds (yuk!).  It's amazing how a very large pile of debris can shred into such a little, tiny usable mound.  However, when there has been time I've been in the studio stacking glass and ceramics.  It has become an all consuming urge.  There isn't a Goodwill within 30 miles that I haven't visited.  The big (BIG) question is "how good are today's adhesives?"  Time will tell.  Some of the tauted ones have too much flex for the mid section. There have been some casualties.  Learning curve.  You also have to ask yourself when do you have too many.  Clusters may be the answer.

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