Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Special Vision, a Special Man

There really should be a different image accompanying this post.  I just don't have one yet.  Yesterday we spent the better part of the day at the stone yard making arrangements for the primary basalt pieces to be used in the Veteran's Memorial at Bellevue College that Ross has undertaken.  It's been quite the experience watching this evolve.  Ross was originally approached by a veteran that works on campus with the idea of a memorial.  He knew of Ross and felt strongly that he was the one person who could get it done.  After a slug of introductions and even more meetings approval has been given, a site procured and money allocated.  Ross is not a vet himself but he's one of those special individuals that gives deep thought and contemplation to things he feels are important.  He is very emotionally attached to this project.  There is a model in his studio that gives the overall feel.  I will certainly get images of that for a later update.  This memorial is so unlike Ross' art work.  That makes it even more surprising the zeal with which he is going into it.
Oh! if you are curious about the above image, the "X" piece was the primary piece when Ross showed at OK Harris in NY city.  It is sandblasted marbel and fabricated aluminum along with computer components.  The large sand area with mammoth terrazzo balls is Ross crazy.

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