Thursday, April 25, 2013

This is one of two side by side Monoliths that Ross build and are installed on the hillside behind that wall posted yesterday.  The second fellow is headless as of now so he didn't make the shot.  He has a's just sitting on the ground next to him.  They are probably about 9' tall with cast bronze heads and cast terrazzo bodies.  I'll post again when they are complete and in all their glory.
Now! about yesterday's time in the garden. Close your eyes.  Imagine RED.  Just the color.  That was my knee caps when I went in to bathe.  It hurt to shave over them!  That might suggest a bit too much time kneeling down, weeding.  What, might you ask, is in store today.  Yep.  More weeding.  With a little luck 4 more days should finish the back.  Then there's the vegetable garden and the front.  Living in a warehouse before this was so easy.

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