Wednesday, April 24, 2013

in the beginning.....

Well! this is the first day of our new blog site.  My painting site has been up and running for several years but it seemed like we had more we wanted to share than just what comes out of my studio.  There is art all through our garden thanks to my husband, Ross Brown, and several artist friends that have had their work here for a while.  Couple that with the myriad of adventures offered up by playing in the garden itself and there feels like ample to share.  We didn't set out to have a "garden".  We just wanted a place to put in a foundry for Ross' work.  Once we started digging holes and ripping up sod it took on a life of its own.  Since neither of us is known for self control (or looking before we leap) it quickly began to spiral out of control.  In recent years we have begun to entertain visits from garden groups wanting to "tour".  Since it's just the two of us it seemed a bit selfish to say no.  Mother Nature has done wondrous things on our little plot of ground.  People should come to see it.  As those of you I call friends know I'm also a bit of a foodie so we are now offering to provide meals to the tour groups.  It affords opportunity to cook wonderful things and not indulge to the point of bulbous bliss.
Down to business!  I'm going to try to post often with pictures to chronicle the art we do coupled with the blunders that pseudo gardeners make.  There are lots of them!  5 acres makes for many chances.
The picture here is a concrete wall that Ross constructed last year.  The light gray in the forground is part of our driveway.  We needed to enlarge the area you see because some of our friends were having difficulty getting their RVs out of the back 40 after parties.  Yes....some stay over.  Our parties are not for wimps.  The morning after our niece's wedding we counted about 40.  Tents and motor homes abounded.
Off to weed.  We have a public tour (fund raiser for the local healthcare van) and a private group all coming in June.  Oh! and we just filmed a small segment for an Art in the Garden episode of a new TV garden show, DigIn.  Sunday mornings, channel 10 at 7:30.  Sorry.  Seattle area only.

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