Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Creek Side

There was no post yesterday.  Not because I forgot, got lazy or anything else under my control.  I was waiting for Ross to send images of the model for the Veteran's Memorial so it could be included.  He not only did not send them he didn't bring the college laptop home.  There you have it.  Blame transferred.  Like I said:  not under my control, aka Ross Brown.
The Pacific Northwest is such an interesting environment for gardening.  Yesterday was April 29th on our calendar and it burst into frozen white pellets on more than one occasion.  This morning at 5AM it was snowing.  Seriously! how can anyone plan?  While I was visiting with insomnia last night planting tomatoes SOON seemecd reasonable.  After all, its been a realatively mild spring...what's that sound?!?!? oh; Mother Nature laughing.

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