Sunday, April 28, 2013

So it was beautiful in Enumclaw, Washington Monday-Friday last week and I worked my tail off in the garden.  Saturday comes and my husband is on board to throw in a helping hand.  A couple of hours into it the rain starts.  What's with that?  The focus was on the area that is reserved for vegetable planting.  Folks around here don't usually risk that until around Memorial Day.  However, we are having a particularly warm (as in no freezing)  spring.  I'd like a chance to take a risk but unless we get it cleaned that won't happen.
There's a real challenge with a horsetail infestation.  I've been told the only hope (and it's slim) is to snip each one off at the ground with the intention of doing it over and over until they give up.  They conduct themselves like Catholic rabbits so that is a bit daunting, not to mention hard on the back.  Time will tell.

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